Latest release

SEPT 1 2023


Deal versions & weighted forecasts 🎲

Create and compare deal versions. Review multi-phase resource schedule timelines. Set deal probability and weighted forecasts,

Recent releases


MAY 29 2023

Salesforce workflow automations⚡️

Salesforce and Slack integrations. Workflow automations for syncing deals across platforms. Plus external guest access requests and increased guest-to-seat ratios.


MAY 16 2023

Payment milestones & timelines⏱️

Payment milestones and new-look timeline with phase schedule dependencies. Export deal in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).


MAR 31 2023

Comments & filters 💬 👀

Supercharge estimation and collaboration with comments, filters, task owners, deep links and much more!


MAR 3 2023

Deal templates 📚

Deal templates to help streamline the creation of new proposals. Deal owners for tracking who is responsible for each deal

Older releases


FEB 17 2023

Fixed price estimates 💰

Fixed price estimates for faster, simpler price management. Compact schedules for customers with many roles.


FEB 6 2023

System light/dark mode 🌓

System light/dark mode. New look login and setup screens. Other minor improvements

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